A shared online caregivers calendar–practical and helpful idea explored by Olivia Judson on the Op-Ed page, NYT, 1/23/13. When distance or other factors separate caregivers, Hudson proposes keeping in touch with brief notations on a shared calendar. She and her brother did that as their father–who lived alone–declined. Caregivers for aging friends or family–especially those with Alzheimer’s–need status updates. Information helps with adapting and fine-tuning care so the elderly can remain as safe and independent as possible. I kept notes on my own calendar as my father and mother declined with Alzheimer’s. Those notes eventually became part of SWIMMING SOLO, my family caregiving memoir. And some jots about my mother and her Siamese cat are part of my piece in the forthcoming PORTRAITS IN CAREGIVING, an anthology that Collin Tong and and I are editing.

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